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Product SKU: 018_03_6577044

These custom sunglasses are definitely a must-have for all celebrations. Add your own design to the perforated lenses and show them off.


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  • Suitable for most parties and celebrations.
  • Perforated AC/PC lenses that have a minimal impact on visibility.
  • PC glasses frame with durable finish.
  • Advanced printing technology, presenting vivid images.

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Make a statement at any event with these personalized sunglasses. Customize the perforated lenses with your own design and be the center of attention. Experience true color with advanced printing and a durable finish on the PC glasses frame. These unique sunglasses feature perforated AC/PC lenses, allowing for maximum visibility without losing any style. Boost your style game at any event with these personalized sunglasses. Be the center of attention with a unique design on perforated lenses. Experience true color and durability with advanced printing on a PC frame. These sunglasses show off your fashionable side with their perforated AC/PC lenses, so you can stand out without sacrificing style. Get ready to elevate your eyewear game with these totally customizable sunglasses! Not only can you make a statement with your own unique design on the perforated lenses, but you'll also experience true color and durability thanks to advanced printing on a PC frame. And let's not forget about the stylish perforated AC/PC lenses that offer maximum visibility while still keeping you on-trend. Whether you're at a concert, festival, or any other event, these personalized sunglasses will make you the center of attention. So why settle for boring shades when you can boost your style game with these unique sunglasses? Don't be afraid to stand out and show off your fun and fashionable side with these one-of-a-kind sunglasses. Don't wait any longer, get yours today and see the world through a whole new lens! Go ahead, we dare you.


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