Sony Music

MiA's partnership with SONY Music produced one of the most notable pieces of 21 Savage merchandise, a bespoke crew neck, for a tour in November 2021. Such a project extended to the creation of a Rolling Stone face mask, which gained significant popularity amidst the pandemic.

This strategic alliance exemplifies the power of combining music industry expertise with creative merchandising and effective fulfillment to engage fans and adapt to evolving market demands. Our collaboration with SONY Music resulted in an exceptional 21 Savage merchandise collection. One of the standout pieces is a custom-designed crew neck made exclusively for the November 2021 tour. Additionally, we also created a

Rolling Stone face mask, which gained immense popularity during the pandemic. This demonstrates how our partnership combines music industry expertise with innovative merchandising and efficient fulfillment to connect with fans and adapt to changing market demands.


Warner Bros

MiA's collaboration with Warner Brothers resulted in the creation of a captivating lineup of custom-designed snowboards, skateboards, mugs, and phone cases inspired by franchise staples; Blue Beetle, Batman and Aquaman.

Warner Brothers were delighted with the diversity and quality of each item and have continued to use MiA for future projects. Said items increased web-traffic to those e-commerce pages. Explore our captivating lineup of custom-designed snowboards, skateboards, mugs, and phone cases inspired by franchise staples such as Blue Beetle, Batman, and Aquaman.

These items are the result of a successful collaboration between MiA and Warner Brothers, showcasing the diversity and quality we bring to every project.


Love Island

MiA partnered exclusively with Love Island USA. From awesome items like hoodies and tote bags to the iconic on-screen water bottles, we are thrilled with this partnership. One key element of the store is the specific water bottles used.

We facilitated this by ordering, storing, printing then shipping this bottle on the client's behalf. As an expert in the field, MiA has partnered exclusively with Love Island USA to bring you an incredible selection of merchandise. From stylish hoodies to useful tote bags, our store offers a wide range of items that are sure to impress.

One of the highlights of our collection is the iconic on-screen water bottles. These bottles have become a symbol of the show, and we are thrilled to offer them to our customers. We take great care in ensuring the quality and authenticity of these bottles. From ordering and storing them to printing and shipping them on behalf of our clients, we handle every step of the process with utmost professionalism and precision.



MiA support Givenly with the print on demand aspect of their corporate stores. We assist with all design work and currently have items on 20 stores and counting.

Givenly is supported by MiA for their print on demand services. MiA handles all design work and currently has items available on over 20 stores.