Frequently asked questions

Who can use M.i.A?

Anyone can use the M.i.A Shopify app to create unique & high-quality custom goods — whether you’re ordering 1 or 1,000 items. M.i.A work with some of the biggest companies in the eCommerce sphere, so please get in touch to start your journey - info@miamerchandise.com

How does this work?

By connecting the M.i.A app to your online store, you gain access to more than 150+ unique products. You can customize the products you choose within the M.i.A app & export them directly to your website for your customers to buy. When orders are placed for these products, the order information is transmitted to us for printing, production & white-label shipping. We then upload the tracking number directly to your cart and then back to your customer.

How much does print on demand cost?

For print on demand products you only get charged for what you sell. No upfront investment, no monthly fees, no inventory and and no money changing hands until you make a sale!

What are your replacement & return policies?

We stand behind the quality of our products & guarantee our workmanship 100%. Any defects or errors on our part will result in a replacement at no charge — simply submit a customer service request with a photo of the items in question & one of our representatives will issue an immediate replacement. We typically do not accept returns, refunds or replacements due to user error such as incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, etc.

Is there any M.i.A branding on the packaging?

Does M.i.A offer samples or quality checks?

Yes, we recommend that you order a sample of all products before you begin selling. Please email GetStarted20 to info@miamerchandise.com for 20% off your first round of samples!

How long does fulfilment take?

Print and Fulfilment time depends on the products and delivery location around the world. Check our fulfilment guide for more information.

When do I pay for the products I sell?

When your customer buys an item fulfilled by M.i.A on your storefront, two transactions will take place. Your customer will pay you, and we'll invoice you when the order comes through. You'll need to set up a billing method on your M.i.A account

Where do returns go?

We are unable to handle the returns process for all of our sellers, so if your items are returned to our production facility, they will be donated. It’s required that you provide a valid return address & a name to list on your shipping labels. If your customers wish to return their items, they will contact you — the store owner. It doesn’t happen often, but if a faultyitem slips through our quality control checks & makes it to your customer, simply submit a request & photos within your CustomCat app dashboard. We will send an immediate replacement.

What locations do you ship to?

We have global distribution channels and ship all over the world

What is the best print on demand site?

M.i.A allows you to print your items in many locations around the world. We have a wider product range than most print on demand providers. When you look at Printify vs. Printful vs. M.i.A, you'll see that our range and free artwork services make us the best option around.

How often does M.i.A add new products?

We have over 150 products to our catalog, and are adding more all the time. If you’re not able to find something in our expansive print-on-demand catalog, reach out to us with a suggestion or stay tuned and you might find it there soon enough.

How can I find MiA Merchandise on social media?

Like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/MiAmerchandise.comInstagram: @MiAmerchandiseYouTube: /MiAmerchandise