How it works

No inventory needed, no MOQs and no risk.

  • You sell

    Orders are automatically completed from your platform through a method of integration that you can choose.

  • We fulfill

    Order fulfilment within 72 hours.

    Using our conveniently located fulfilment centers.

  • We ship

    Our products are shipped directly to your customers, allowing you to dedicate more time to sales

Brands we work with

Our partners include music labels, professional sports teams and other major brands
scaling their e-commerce stores with print on demand merchandise.
Why not start a conversation with M.i.A, just like these brands did?

Unlock success with our expert services

Looking to expand your online presence? Our services are perfect for businesses of all sizes. Let's grow together!

  • Company Stores

    Expand your product range and attract more customers with our unique and captivating offerings.

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  • E-Commerce Store

    Integrate our products seamlessly into your online store. Our wide range of options ensures a perfect fit for any business.

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  • Get Personal

    Take your products to the next level with custom personalisation options. Opening doors to limitless possibilities.

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  • Music and Entertainment

    Discover our exciting new products designed specifically for the music and entertainment industry. Get ready to rock and roll!

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  • Fan Merchandise

    Calling all fan merch enthusiasts! Our specially crafted products are guaranteed to level up your collection. Join the merch mania today.

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  • Sports Industry

    Step up your sports merchandise game with our innovative and unique products. We bring a whole new level of excitement to the field.

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