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Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Deck

Product SKU: 016_03_6573385

Make your tricks and airs stand out with our durable trick board - perfect for practicing and landing your moves! Our 7 ply Canadian Maple construction can withstand strong impacts and our hydraulic machine ensures high quality, long-lasting designs.



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  • 7 ply Canadian Maple
  • Durable and withstand strong impacts
  • Hydraulic machine ensuring a high quality, long-lasting impression of designs

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Whether you're mastering some sick airs or aiming to stick the landing, our trick-ready deck is just what you need. It's constructed with 7 ply Canadian Maple for maximum durability and can handle whatever impacts come its way. Plus, our high-quality designs are made to last thanks to our trusty hydraulic machine. Get ready to shred some gnarly tricks with our top-of-the-line skateboard deck. Our deck is designed to withstand the rough impacts of skateboarding, constructed with 7 ply Canadian Maple for maximum durability. Whether you're nailing those sick airs or aiming for the perfect landing, our deck can handle it all. And don't worry, our high-quality designs are built to last thanks to our trusty hydraulic machine. With our deck, you'll be ready to rock the ramps and nail your tricks! It's made from sturdy 7 ply Canadian Maple, so you'll have the durability you need to keep shredding all day. Whether you're aiming to master those sick airs or perfect your landings, our deck is built to handle anything you throw its way. Plus, our top-notch designs are made to last, so you won't have to worry about any wear and tear. Thanks to our trusty hydraulic machine, your deck will be ready for any skate session. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to take on the streets with our skate-ready deck!


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