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Set of 6 Golf Balls

Set of 6 Golf Balls

Product SKU: 024_03_6573419

Whats more classic that a custom golfball? Available with unlimited design customization. You'll be hitting the green every time.


  • 2.5 lb

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One design for all 6.

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Personalized Golf Balls make the perfect gift for sports fans, golfers, collectors and more. Drive your message home with that special message custom printed on a golf ball. Have a golf tournament or fundraising event and need a promotional item to give potential customers? Golf balls are the perfect, low cost solution that everyone will use and take with them. Think of all the places you could give such a gift: company outings, school teams, fundraisers, organizational promotions, special events, holidays, family get togethers and much more! Bring your next event to a whole new level with our Set of 6 Golf Balls! Custom printed with any message you desire, these balls will be a sure-fire hit among sports fans, golfers, collectors, and anyone else you can think of! (Talk about a hole-in-one gift idea!) But these aren't just any old golf balls. Oh no, these babies are the perfect combination of quality and affordability. With our low cost solution, you can really drive your message home to potential customers at golf tournaments and fundraising events. And since everyone loves a freebie, you can bet they'll take these golf balls with them wherever they go. (Just make sure to say "You're welcome" when they get that hole-in-one!) These personalized golf balls are perfect for any occasion, whether it's a company outing, school team event, fundraiser, or just a good ol' family get-together. Seriously, the possibilities are endless.


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