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Pet Collar 16" - 26" Large

Pet Collar 16" - 26" Large

Product SKU: 028_03_12698993

Decorate your own custom and durable pet collar, perfectly sized and easily adjustable for large and many extra-large sized dogs.

Sizing: For best, and most accurate sizing, measure any collars you already may own that comfortably fit your pet. Then unbuckle them and measure them end to end - this length will be your ideal collar length for your dog. 


  • 16" - 26"
  • Can be adjusted to lengths 15.75" - 26" (measured end-to-end while unbuckled)

Products Details

  • Woven polyester fabric collar
  • Our unique ink transfer printing process ensures an extremely durable image by printing directly to the fabric
  • No smudges, peeling, cracking, or flaking of important details such as contact information
  • Features a 1.25" silver D-ring for tags and leashes to clip to
  • 1.5" black plastic side-release buckle for closure

Print Requirements

• Approximately 11.75" x 1" printable area
• Can be custom printed with any full-color pattern, text, or image
• For advanced customization and layout, we highly recommend using our PSD template (UPDATED 4/30/21). This template includes multiple layers marked at various collar lengths that show you exact areas that will be obscured by the buckle or material overlap (especially when designing for smaller collars). This is the best way to ensure important name and text is not in an area that will be potentially covered up!

Print Type

  • Ink transfer

Long Description

Make your furry friend stand out with a custom and strong pet collar! Perfect fit for bigger pooches, this adjustable polyester fabric collar uses innovative ink transfer printing to create a long-lasting design that won't fade or wear out. Plus, you can easily attach tags and leashes to the 1.25" silver D-ring, and secure the collar with the 1.5" black plastic side-release buckle. Have a larger-than-life pup that loves to turn heads? Give them a stylish collar that's as unique as they are! No more plain or boring designs - with our custom collar, your furry friend will stand out from the pack (literally). And don't worry about the design fading or wearing down - we use cutting-edge ink transfer printing that's guaranteed to last. Your pup needs a collar that can handle their larger-than-life personality. That's where our custom pet collar comes in! With adjustable polyester fabric and a 1.25" D-ring for tags and leashes, this collar is both strong and stylish. Worried about the design fading? Don't be! Our cutting-edge ink transfer printing technology ensures that your furry friend's collar will keep turning heads for a long time. Say goodbye to boring, plain collars and hello to a unique and personalized accessory that will make your pup the talk of the town (or the dog park). Trust us, your furry friend will thank you (with lots of tail wags, of course)!


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