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Ipad Case

Ipad Case

Product SKU: 018_03_6577063

Safeguard your beloved iPad with this strong, trustworthy, and trendy case. Crafted from lightweight, water-resistant neoprene, featuring twin-side printing and vibrant colors thanks to advanced printing technology. Complete with double zipper and extra padding, it ensures ultimate laptop protection.


  • 7.87""L x 5.31""W x 0.63""D

Products Details

  • Light-weight and water resistant neoprene
  • Double zipper, thick padding edge, provides the ultimate level of protection for the laptop.
  • 5.95 Oz
  • Twin-side printing, using the advanced Printing technology, vibrant color.

Print Requirements

• The picture of back side is the same as that of front side.

Print Type

Long Description

Guard your beloved iPad from harm with this sturdy, reliable, and fashionable case. Made of lightweight and water-resistant neoprene, it showcases dual-side printing and vibrant colors utilizing advanced printing technology. Equipped with double zippers and extra cushioning, you can trust it to provide ultimate protection for your tablet. Your precious iPad deserves the best, so keep it safe and stylish with this durable and trendy case. Constructed from lightweight, water-resistant neoprene and featuring cutting-edge printing techniques, it boasts dual-sided designs and vibrant colors. Plus, with double zippers and added padding, your tablet will be fully guarded against any bumps or drops. Keep your trusty iPad out of harm's way with this strong, dependable, and stylish case. Lightweight and water-resistant neoprene makes it perfect for protecting your tablet while on the go. The advanced printing technology delivers vibrant colors and dual-sided designs that will add a touch of fun to your daily routine. With double zippers and extra cushioning, you can rest easy knowing your precious iPad is in good hands. Keep your tablet safe and looking trendy with this durable case featuring double-sided designs and eye-catching colors. Throw in double zippers and added padding, and you've got the ultimate protection for your beloved device.


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