The best 10 print on demand custom merchandise products for 2022

The best 10 print on demand custom merchandise products for 2022


1. Print-on-demand product custom merchandise product for 2022.
1.1 T-shirt
1.2 Sneakers
1.3 Phone cases
1.4 Hats
1.5 Fanny packs
1.6 Scarves
1.7 Socks
1.8 Mugs
1.9 Tote bags
1.10 Hoodies
2. Conclusion

One great way of success with a print-on-demand business is having a good merchandise product. A good merchandise product goes a long way in helping you get more returning customers and referrals. This is a good sign that your business is booming.

Would it shock you that print-on-demand items are a factor of trend and season, especially fashion items? Every year, trending print-on-demand merchandise is recorded and differs from the previous year's items, except on rare occasions.

If you want to venture into print on demand business in 2022 and are searching for ideas to help you boost sales, we have a list to satisfy your question and doubt. Keep reading; this article is for you!

Print-on-demand product custom merchandise product for 2022.


1. T-shirt: Print-on-demand t-shirts have become very popular in 2022. Everybody loves and wears a t-shirt, which is the good reason they have become popular. Nonetheless, not everyone would love to wear a plain t-shirt with no beautiful design.

Your beautiful logo or design would go a long way on a t-shirt. T-shirt prints on-demand are also good souvenirs and a good business branding idea for your customers and staff. It gives your staff a sense of belonging and makes your customers run back to you for more sales.

2. Sneakers: Print-on-demand sneakers are a classy addition to the closet of fashion freaks and fans. Therefore, we have included it in this list. One beautiful thing about print-on-demand sneakers is that you do not need a complex or elaborate design to make them look beautiful.

All you need is a simple design or logo. In recent times, galaxy printed sneakers and retro sneakers are now the most trending print on demand sneakers. There are many types of sneakers, but be sure that the one you are picking for your brand is functional and has good aesthetics.

In this way, it will be useful not only for those that want to use it for outdoor games and sports but also for people that are buying it for the sake of fashion.

Phone cases

3. Phone cases: Every dick, tom and harry out there in the street uses a phone. This makes phones and phone cases to be in high demand. Products like this in high demand will make good print-on-demand merchandise.

We usually recommend that you make available different designs and colors so that your customers will have varieties to choose from. Different people have different reasons they would buy a phone case. Some buy it for protection, while others buy it for fashion.

Therefore, ensure that you have different designs that will suit the different reasons a customer would want to buy your print-on-demand phone cases merchandise.

4. Hats: Print-on-demand customized hats became a thing in 2021, and now in 2022, demand for them keeps increasing. The good news is that print-on-demand hats are not location-specific, weather-specific, or gender-specific.

It is a versatile fashion item that will continue to be in trend for a long time because of its functionality as a beauty item. There are different hats to pick from. Examples include beanies, fitted hats, dad hats, visors, baseball hats, bucket hats, trucker hats, snapback hats, and 5-panel hats.

5. Fanny packs: Fanny packs are otherwise known as waist packs. They are essential accessories needed for tourists and travelers. Fanny packs are highly fashionable and versatile.

If you are planning to work with them as a print-on-demand item for your brand, ensure that they come in different sizes and different colors.

6. Scarves: If you think scarves are only hair fashion accessories, you are wrong. You can also use them as belts, ties, beach tops, etc. Their versatility as a fashion item makes them a good print-on-demand product.

Print-on-demand scarves give a classy touch when paired up with other fashion items. However, we recommend ensuring that the material used is durable and a long-lasting fabric. Different fabric types will work well for scarves, and your customers would love them more if the quality is excellent and topnotch.

7. Socks: Print-on-demand socks are usually in high demand all year round. Sportspeople, students, and other socks fans love a pretty addition of print-in-demand socks in their closets. Your socks can come in different sizes and colors.

Whether you are looking into doing long socks or a short one, white color, or other various colors, ensure you carry out a market survey before finally deciding which designs and color to go for.

Monogrammed mugs

8. Mugs: Print-on-demand mug merchandise is the new mug trend in town now. Nobody wants a boring mug when you can have pretty designs and artwork on them. Print-on-demand mugs are good souvenir options for special celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, prom, weddings, etc.

Print-on-demand mugs are also a good way to establish your brand image. It helps to give your suppliers and employees a sense of belonging.

9. Tote bags: Different bags can be used as a print on demand merchandise, but we specifically choose tote bags like the one we will recommend for you. Tote bags are environmentally friendly, ultra-trendy, stylish, and sustainable. In most countries, plastic bags have been banned, which is a good alternative.

All there is to work on is a good design. This will help your customers fall in love with this functional item more.

10. Hoodies: Print on- demand hoodies can be your best-selling print-on-demand product in your e-commerce store if you market them very well to our customers. Gone are the days when hoodies are worn during the cold period only.

In recent times, they have become a very versatile fashion clothing item, making them popular. Most world-class celebrities now have a hoodie with their names on them. They wear them and sell them to their fans as well. Business owners can also use this as a branding technique for their customers and staff instead of the conventional t-shirts.

Monogrammed mugs


The business of selling print-on-demand merchandise is very profitable if you have good quality designs, top-notch products, great marketing strategies, and excellent fulfillment partners.

In 2022, the above-listed products are very much in trend, and you would make huge profits from them. Remember to hold up with the trends and sell what your audience will love to buy. Your printing partner will take care of all other processes, so you have less to worry about.

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