Print On Demand Monogrammed Merchandise

Print On Demand Monogrammed Merchandise


1. Print On Demand Monogrammed Merchandise
1.1 Bags
1.2 Water Bottle
1.3 Mugs
1.4 Phone Cases
1.5 Towel

Print-on-demand monogrammed merchandise is fast becoming popular in the print-on-demand industry. We are in an era where people love having names on the thing they own, from tote bags to denim jackets, t-shirts, face caps, and other items that are fit to be customized.

So if you are having a second thought about how profitable a print-on-demand monogrammed merchandise is, you have nothing to worry about.

Below are some examples of print-on-demand merchandise you can venture into if you are interested in starting your print-on-demand monogrammed merchandise. Keep reading!

Print On Demand Monogrammed Merchandise

Print On Demand Monogrammed Merchandise

  • Bags

  • Mugs

  • Phone cases

  • Towel

Bags: There are many types of bags that you can customize as your print-on-demand product—ranging from boat bags to tote bags, waist bags, fan packs, backpacks, school bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, drawstring bags, etc.

Bags are an important aspect of a woman’s clothing. We can categorically put it that no human can do without a bag. Everybody can boast of a bag in their wardrobe, and therefore, they will be a good print on demand product investments.

One essential step you must take is to determine the type of bag that will fit into the location you are. Do a market survey and find out which one your customers will appreciate and hunt more.

If you are in a fashion-conscious environment, a tote bag or a fan pack might go very well. If you are in a school environment, a bag pack will be the best option.

Print-on-demand water bottles

Water Bottle: Print-on-demand water bottles are a good promotional giveaway to help your brand’s marketing and visibility. Your logo or slogan is placed on the bottle.

Print-on-demand bottles help create a good marketing impression for your business, which is a good advertising method if you have another business you are engaged in.

Aluminum and stainless steel water bottles are excellent choices, but if you choose plastic water bottles, ensure they are eco-friendly and BPA free

There are a variety of bottles your brand can settle for. Some bottles have insulators that help keep the content inside them hot or cold. Others don’t have insulation, so they only keep your fluid when you need it without keeping it hot or cold.

Bottles come in different shapes and sizes as well. A new bottle in trend is the dumbbell bottle, which looks fashionable and is also good for use in the gym. One beautiful thing about print-on-demand monogrammed bottle merchandise is that both adults and children can use it.

We highly advise that you look out carefully for a print-on-demand company you will partner with for this merchandise.

Mugs: One great advantage of print-on-demand mugs is their versatility. Mugs can be used in the office, home, restaurant, etc. Asides from using them to drink water or any other drink, you can also use them as a penholder, flower vases, and so on.

Regardless of who is using it, a constant factor is that they are always in use daily. This helps to serve the goal of sales, brand awareness, and branding. Since they are products being used every day, fast sales are recorded.

Also, your logo, design, or any other information you are trying to pass across is on the mug. This is a reminder that your brand is still in business, and your clients can have the information on their mugs on their faces anytime it is still in use.

Whether your business is still in the embryo-forming stage or you have a big company already, this mug is suitable for your use.

 Print-on-demand Phone Cases

Phone Cases: There are two main reasons a person would love to get a phone case. It can serve the purpose of protecting their phone and fashion. A monogrammed phone case can serve these two functions as well.

We are in a digital world, and everybody has a cell phone to connect with their loved ones and the world. This is not like a print-on-demand good that is location-specific, and that makes it a good option for you if you are looking to start a print-on-demand business but don’t know where to start from.

What we recommend for this print-on-demand monogrammed merchandise is that asides from your logo being on the phone cases, you should have varieties of designs in your archive.

This will enable your customers to have varieties to choose from and not be stuck with only one design they might not like.

Towel: Whether you want to delve into a bathing towel, beach towel, dining towel, or face towel, this is a print-on-demand good frequently used by its owner. Either every morning while preparing for the day, on the dining table while eating or as a partner throughout the day to clear off sweat from the face.

One great thing about print-on-demand towels is that they can come in different colors, serving as a spice of variety to your customers. We only recommend that you look out for the colors to bring the design out.

Using a dark design in a dark color might not look too well. Do well to take this and other necessary precautions before getting a final product if you would love your customers to keep buying your products.



We have carefully selected for you some of the fastest-selling print-on-demand monogrammed merchandise. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about not getting customers to get them after partnering with a print-on-demand company to have them produced.

No matter the location or the year that you are introducing the product to your customers, you will always get them to hit it, provided they are durable, high quality, and possess beautiful designs.

Let us know if this article has helped you decide which print-on-demand monogram merchandise you can go for. Leave us a comment below!

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