How to design your shirt to sell

How to design your shirt to sell


1. How To Design Your Shirt For An Online T-Shirt Business
1.1 Draft Out The Reason You Need A Shirt
1.2 Note Down The Quantity And Budget You Are Working With
1.3 Decide The Printing Option To Go For
1.4 Come Up With A Design Concept
1.5 Find A Good Designer
1.6 Get A Good Printer
2. Conclusion

Do you want to start a t-shirt business online? A t-shirt is an important item in the clothing of humans. The three basic needs of man include food, shelter, clothes like t-shirts, etc. Therefore, you can’t go wrong in choosing it as a business.

Since it is a man's daily need, you will not run short of making sales. Coupled with a good marketing strategy and the right business discipline, you will be surprised to see how much profit you make from an online t-shirt business. Here are some basic ways to design your shirt to sell. Keep reading!

How To Design Your Shirt For An Online T-Shirt Business

How to design your shirt to sell

Draft Out The Reason You Need A Shirt

The reason you need a shirt will help you determine the amount of branding that will go into the design of the t-shirt. This is because you have to make a design that suits your reason for designing the t-shirt.

Before you have your final design, consider the personality traits, the key themes, and the style you want the t-shirt to portray. To get a more business practical design, you need to ignore personal preferences and focus on quantifiable and real data from a market or customer survey.

You might need your t-shirt as a promotional gift for your customers, as a branding strategy for your employees, and use it as print-on-demand merchandise or as event celebration souvenirs.

Note Down The Quantity And Budget You Are Working With

This is where you critically have to examine and decide how many t-shirts you want to make based on your budget. When you are fully aware of your budget and quantity, you can easily determine the colors you would use based on the printing method suitable to suit your budget.

If you want to save money, you should use conservative colors. Using additional colors will make you spend more. The number of shirts you want to work with will determine the printing method. Some printing methods are best for small quantities, while others are good for large printing.

Decide The Printing Option To Go For

Before going for any printing process, inspect the material for your t-shirt, the cost, the production time, and the appearance. Knowing the disadvantage and advantages of each printing method will help you make the best decision. We have discussed them below: keep reading

Direct To Garment

This is a new printing option that prints directly on the fabric. It can customize designs with extensive color choices and maximum details. However, it is only suitable for small batches or a single design sample.

A large batch of t-shirts on it will make the machine liable. Also, this printing machine type does not work well on dark-colored garments.

Vinyl Graphics

This is a heat transfer method that makes use of vinyl. They are of top-notch quality and durable, but they are ready to spend more, especially if you have a complicated design and additional colors.

This printing design doesn’t make use of ink like other printing methods. It is also not suitable for large orders.

Screen Printing

This is best suited for bulk orders. The design is usually of high quality and also affordable. It is not expensive when there aren’t too many colors in your design. For every new color or design revision, a new screen is required, and therefore colorful designs are expensive.

Design Concept

Come Up With A Design Concept

The concept of your design on a t-shirt depends on several factors. These factors include your brand’s niche, market, and design intent. After getting a direction of what your design will be, carefully select the elements that will go into the design of your t-shirt.

Examples of these elements include the t-shirt design color, don’t, etc. After making these element details, evaluate your design to see whether it fits the goal you are aiming at. You can ask yourself the key message passed when people see the shirt’s design or who will look at the shirt when they see the designs. This evaluation will provide you with more direction. An example of print on demand website to partner with to get a good design is print on demand Shopify

Find A Good Designer

You should get someone to help bring your design into reality. It might be yourself, and it might be a third party. If you have the design skill, you do not have to spend on hiring another designer to do the job for you.

If you have a tight schedule or feel you are not professional enough or you do not have the skill at all, then you should get a designer. Note that you will need your t-shirt design in vector format. It will probably be an Adobe Illustrator, EPS, or PDF file.

Also, if you are printing out colors, ensure that you have the CMYK color codes or Pantone. This will help you ensure all colors combine exactly the way you want them.

 Good Printer

Get A Good Printer

Now that your design has been put to life, it is time to print them out. Before you partner with any printing brand, ensure to find out details about them to know their rate of excellence and authenticity.

You can check out some of their past works to see if they are a printing brand you might work with. Another option is to partner with any print-on-demand company. Send them your online design, and they will help you with the printing work. Remember to remind them of the printing method you have settled for so that you wouldn’t be extra charged.


A good way to launch yourself into the fashion industry is by online t-shirt business. Getting an e-commerce website or a print-on-demand fulfillment company to partner with has become easier.

They help you make online design templates and also help you in all sales and marketing strategies till your product reaches your customer. Our tips above on designing your shirt to sell will help you have a balanced launch into the online shirt business. We cannot wait to see you make waves at it. Happy venturing!

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