Custom names on print on demand merchandise

Custom names on print on demand merchandise

1. What Is Print-On-Demand?
2. Print-On-Demand Merchandise That Can Have Custom Names On Them
3. Benefits Of Selling Print On Demand Merchandise With Custom Name
3.1 It Requires A Simple Design Customization
3.2 Sense Of Belonging
3.3 No Required Investment
3.4 Company Branding
3.5 Less Work
3.6 Identification
4. Conclusion

Custom names on print on demand have now become a popular fashion trend. Gone are the days when print-on-demand customized clothing was always about brand logos and designs. Your customers can have their name on a print-on-demand shirt by preordering in advance with your fulfillment company.

With print-on-demand business, location is not an issue. Whether it is a print-on-demand Australia or print-on-demand USA, or any other country, custom names are the new trend in town because they have many benefits. Keep on reading to find out about these benefits and other necessary information that there is to know about custom names on print-on-demand merchandise

What Is Print-On-Demand?

Print-on-demand, in simple terms, is a process where you partner with a supplier to sell white label products with designs that are customized in your brand name. If you are looking to start an online business that has to do with buying and selling without keeping stocks and inventories, print-on-demand will be your best bet.

This is made possible by partnering with a fulfillment company. The fulfillment process is per order, and the production and delivery process takes place after the customers have completely placed an order.

Print-On-Demand Merchandise That Can Have Custom Names On Them

  • T-shirts

  • Facecaps

  • Baseball hat

  • Yoga pant

  • Engraved jewelry

  • Mugs

  • Towels

  • Hoodie

  • Tote bag

  • Phone case

  • Water bottle

  • Food flask

  • Denim jacket

  • Towel

  • Bathe robe

  • Beanie

  • Tray

  • Notebook

  • Throw pillow, etc

Benefits Of Selling Print On Demand Merchandise With Custom Name

Print-on-demand business is a good option for vendors who do not have the luxury of the time for all the normal processes involved in selling and buying any product. As a vendor, you handle everything about your business, but this is quite different in print-on-demand business.

You allow a fulfillment company, which is like a third party handle the inventory records, storing, shipping, production, and all other aspects. This gives you time to do other creative and marketing aspects for your brand to increase sales. Here are the benefits of having custom makes on your print-on-demand merchandise

Simple Design Customization

It Requires A Simple Design Customization

You do not have to stress about custom designs because the print-on-demand/fulfillment company you partner with will handle everything for you. All that is needed from you is the consistency and discipline needed to upload your products on various marketing platforms.

For customers that want their name or a specific letter on a product they want to provide, this can be put in place by contacting your POD preorder. You can risk printing common names in a geometrical location, but you have to be very cautious, so you won’t have customized names that nobody bears.

Sense Of Belonging
Having custom names on any print-on-demand merchandise helps to give your customers a sense of belonging. However, custom names in print-on-demand items aren’t used for business owners and their customers; companies can also use them as gifts for their employees.

Giving your employees a print-on-demand t-shirt that has the company’s identification and each person’s name on it is a good way to appreciate them. It gives not only your employees a sense of belonging, but it also portrays the image of your company pleasantly.

No Required Investment 

For print-on-demand businesses, keeping inventories will be done by your fulfillment company. This is beneficial to a new business that has limited capital. This is a benefit of all print-on-demand products.

You do not have to invest in inventories. This advantage also allows you to test different markets with low risks. Print on demand products is ordered on your print on demand company platform as your customers demand them. You do not have to keep products for a long time or keep items that will become a waste.

Print-on-demand products are not limited to just one vendor to buy from. Like there are as many vendors to buy from in the market, there are typically many vendors to choose from if one specific vendor does not have the product when you want to place orders.

Company Branding

Company Branding

One way to positively carve the reputation of your business is through custom names on print on demand items specifically made for your company. It can be any item, whether customized hoodies, vests, shirts, mugs, or even bag packs.

You can also use them as gifts to customers partnering with your company. When they continually see this item, it reminds them of your company, which indirectly registers in their subconscious. It is also a good way to get

Less Work

This isn’t only the benefit of customized designs; it is also the benefit of print-on-demand items. You have less work to do in fulfillment and shipment and focus more on attracting customers to your entire to buy your products and grow your brand.

If you are partnering with a good print-on-demand company, there will be fast delivery, which will leave your customers satisfied and come back next time to patronize you again. Since delivery will not be your headache, you have all the time to work on other creative aspects of your brand, like building a strong customer relationship and working more on marketing strategies that will ensure the hundred percent satisfaction of your customers.


There are many reasons a customer would want to patronize your print-on-demand business. One such reason is for identification, especially as souvenirs. It might be a souvenir for any celebration.

It is an additional touch of class if these print-on-demand souvenirs have names. For example, hoodies, t-shirts, and face caps. It is a common tradition to see celebrants give you a party souvenir to wear before that day or during the party for you to take home.


With print on demand, you have big control over what your product will look like and have enough time to face other important aspects of sales. You will choose what types of design customization you want,  but your print-on-demand company will take up the actual customization work, merchandise designing, and delivery on-demand company.

With the ease associated with print-on-demand, you can hop on the new trend of custom names of print-on-demand merchandise without stress!

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