10 Print-On-Demand Products To Sell For A Higher Profit

10 Print-On-Demand Products To Sell For A Higher Profit


1. What Is Print-On-Demand Product?
2. Best Trending Print-On-Demand Products
3. Conclusion

Print-on-demand is fast becoming a business everyone is delving into. The reason for this rush is very understandable. Print-on-demand is one of those businesses you can run from the comfort of your home and still make a huge profit.

To have a functional print-on-demand business, you need to have a print-on-demand product. Also, if you want to start up a print-on-demand business, you need to learn and know more about the product you are offering to your customer. This enables you to make more sales, revenues, and profit. Here are some trending print-on-demand products that can help increase your conversion rate.

 Print-On-Demand Products

What Is A Print-On-Demand Product?

A print-on-demand product is a customized product designed by e-commerce store owners and allowed to sell on the owner's online store or marketplace.

A print-on-demand product is any item used in our day-to-day run that can be customized based on trends, location, or customer requirements. You get your unique online product design after sending the requirement to your print-on-demand printing facility. You then upload this design to your online store.

Your print-on-demand printing facility helps you connect your online store with a printing service provider. Your printing service provider is the supplier that helps you print, pack and ship your print-on-demand product to your customer's location.

Trending Print-On-Demand Products

Best Trending Print-On-Demand Products

Sneakers: Google trends reports show for 2021 show that print-on-demand sneakers have over a hundred searches per week. This shows you how common they are and how they are fast becoming a thing in the fashion industry.

A print-on-demand sneaker is a good business investment and will help you achieve fast sales and higher conversion leads. We have some suggestions if you are confused about which types of sneakers you want to work with. Colorful sneakers to the rescue!

A colorful sneaker is very hard to resist because it is flashy, fashionable, and has a good visual aesthetic. Include it in your design. Note that no rule states that your print-on-demand business should comprise just a design; you can experiment with designs as you want to.

You can also use your social media accounts to research which designs your customers will love to have in their collection. You get a direction to work with, which will help make the work an inch easier for you.

Phone Cases: Phone cases are very important commodities in the world today. Everybody uses a phone: even a one-year-old child can operate a phone. Phone cases are needed to keep your phones intact during an accident, and going for a customized one is the latest trend.

You can create beautifully and visually pleading aesthetic designs to sell as print-on-demand phone cases with your artistic talent. Print-on-demand phone cases can earn you more than you imagine with the proper marketing strategies.

Tote Bags: Print-on-demand bags are a good way to go, but we suggest something more precise here. Tote bags aren't like the typical everyday bag. They are budget-friendly, sustainable, fashionable, portable, and in trend.

They have been trending for over two years and have barely gone out of trend. This makes it a good business product compared to most other bags that go out of trend in no time. Selling a print-on-demand tote bag would require that you have more fashion freaks and style lovers as your target audience to get more prospective customers.

We highly recommend that you go high with Instagram advertisements asides from your online store. Fashion items sell well on these social media platforms, especially ones with a good visual aesthetic. A tote bag fits in perfectly, so we recommend it to you.

Print-On-Demand Products

Mugs: Print-on-demand mugs are printed in large quantities as gifts and souvenirs. They are also very good for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. You can also use them for business branding to fit your customers or cheer up your employees.

You can design mugs with different words, pictures, or business logos and identification depending on what you want.

Socks: Remember what we said about selling fashion items as a print-on-demand product? We emphasized fast sales because fashion items are everyday items that people cannot do without. Fashion lovers know how much a scarf can bring life to a boring outfit.

You can pair your scarf with almost any other fashion item, and you can use them for a couple of other things asides from the traditional use of a scarf for head wrapping. Your scarf can help prevent cold around your neck; they are suitable as ties, belts, or a manipulated type of top, dress, or skirt.

These are some reasons scarfs will make a good print-on-demand product, and you shouldn't slack on it. Incorporate it into your print-on-demand product and watch how fast the sales will be for you.


Above are Our top 5 trending and go-to print-on-demand products that we will highly recommend for print-on-demand business beginners confused about which products to pick. Our other suggestions include


All our suggestions above are high demanding and popular demand on products suggested by google trend reports. Since they are of high popularity and demand, they will work well no matter your geometrical location or type of business.

Print-on-demand businesses are the way to go in this digitalized world. A way to ensure success is by going for excellent and topnotch print-on-demand products like the suggestions we have provided for you above.

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