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Thanks for joining our mission to remove wastage in the world and make ecommerce more efficient.  Welcome to the M.i.A family.

This guide will give you a step by step guide on how to set up your Bright Stores  store to enable  you to sell sports equipment with your designs. When a customer purchases on your store, we’ll make and ship your products to them and then update the tracking number in your store.

Preparing Disrupt Sports Products 

  1. From the MiA Product List, choose a list of products that you are looking to sell on your BriteStores store
  2. Download the product templates to create your print ready artwork and mock-up store front images.
  3. Send these to MiA  or review and hosting. Your rep will then provide you with a list of SKU codes.
  4. Set your products up in your store ensuring you use the correct SKU code.

When orders are placed on your storefront, our API will read your order details and import ONLY those orders that match our SKU codes. We’ll print and ship those order and put the tracking back into your cart

  • Setting up the integration

  • To set up the integration we require 

  • your website address
  • The API token

  • Making an API token.

    Find the how-to guide on the Britestores site here. We’ve copied this below for ease -

    Step 1

    Go to Store Dashboard

    Under ‘Basic Store add-ons’ scroll to ‘API’ and turn the switch ok (accept the terms)

    Step 2
    Once the api is enabled, you can now click the blue link to access the API token setup:




    Step 3
    Generate a new token by clicking ‘Create new API Key’

    Be sure to write this down as it will only be used once.

    Email these details to your MiA rep and you’re ready to go.

    1. Setting up your products 

    Set your products up in your store as you normally would with an image, description, price and SKU.

    Please provide those SKU numbers to M.iA In a CSV with the print artwork links (or our team can do this for you) 

    1. Test Transaction

    Once the products have been set & API is active please carry out a test transaction in your store. Once complete, email your M.i.A rep with the order number and a test tracking number will be sent back.

    That’s is from now on all orders for M.i.A products will be imported automatically, printed and shipped and the tracking number put back into your cart. You will only be billed for orders that are shipped.

    Now, Go forth and conquer.