Big Commerce
Print-on-Demand Merchandise
Big Commerce Integration with M.i.A Merchandise

Create and sync products with your BigCommerce store in a few easy steps, then we'll fulfil and ship your orders automatically!

Preparing M.i.A Merchandise Products

1. From the MiA Product List, choose a list of products that you are looking
to sell on your BigCommerce store
2. Download the product templates to create your print ready artwork and
mock-up store front images.
3. Send these to MiA for review and hosting. Your account manager will then provide you with a list of SKU codes.
4. Set your products up in your store ensuring you use the correct SKU
code and set ‘MiA’ as the vendor under the product settings (more on
this later)

Setting up the integration

First, you will need to create an API key. You can with either provide M.i.A with a log in or do this yourself:

1. To do this, go into BigCommerce and click on BigCommerce Admin 🡪 Advanced Settings 🡪 API Accounts.

Enter the name as ‘MiA Print on Demand’

2. Select the following ‘OAuth Scopes, or if in a hurry set them all to Modify.

3. Send the following to your M.i.A account manager

  • Client ID
  • Client secret
  • Access Token

Setting MiA as a Vendor

When setting up products you’ll want to ensure that all products have the correct SKU number & that MiA is set as the vendor of those products.

1. When setting up a product click the ‘Other Details’ tab

2. Under 'Bin Picking Number' add ‘MiA’ (this must be the exact spelling including capitals). If you are already using the Bin Picking Number field, you can enter MiA followed by a dash and the existing BPN i.e MiA-12345. We will use the code to the left of the dash and save the code to the right of the dash as your BPN.

3.Add the SKU codes provided to you during product set up

Test Transaction

To ensure the correct set up, carry out a test transaction in your BigCommerce store. Once complete, email your M.i.A account manager to ensure integration is working fully. Your rep will then test that the shipping details are feeding back to your store. Let's get selling!