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Top 5 Most Popular Products to Sell for Halloween

Top 5 Most Popular Products to Sell for Halloween

Halloween is a great time to make extra money by selling products related to the holiday. There are many different types of products that you can sell, but some of the top-selling items are listed below. 

With these items available for purchase, you can take advantage of the Halloween season and make some extra income.

Halloween & E-commerce

As Halloween nears, many e-commerce businesses are seeing a surge in demand for Halloween-related merchandise. People are looking to buy costumes and so on for a holiday. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to make sales as people are generally in a spending mood during this time of year.

Furthermore, the Halloween costumes market is expected to rise considerably during the forecast period till 2026. In 2022, the market is projected to grow even more. Consequently, now is a great time for businesses to capitalize on the demand for Halloween products.

2021 was a record year for spending on Halloween, with Americans shelling out around $10.14 billion on holiday. This is a positive sign for businesses, indicating that people are still interested in celebrating Halloween despite the pandemic.

Where To Find Halloween Designs

These are the top five websites to find inspiration for your Halloween product designs this year:


pinterest home page


As one of the most popular social networking sites, Pinterest is a great platform to find Halloween design inspiration. You can use keyword searches to find popular Halloween images and create products based on those designs. For example, you could develop T-shirts with famous Halloween sayings or pictures or design blankets or face gaiter with Halloween-themed designs.


Instagram login page


Instagram is also a great platform to find creative inspiration for your Halloween products. Many designers create beautiful and spooky designs that are perfect for the holiday. Simply search for hashtags like #halloweenproductdesign or #halloweeninspiration to find plenty of great ideas.


Reddit home page


If you want to get your creative juices flowing, Reddit is a great place to start. There are plenty of Halloween design threads full of ideas to help get you started.


Dribble home page 


This is an excellent website for finding creative and unique design inspiration, with over 40,000 artists and designers who share their work. Halloween-themed designs are here, from illustrations to product packaging. Type in “Halloween” in the search bar, and you’ll find plenty of techniques to get started.


Behance home page


This website is an excellent source of inspiration for all product designs, not just Halloween products. You can find some creative and unique ideas here that will excite your customers about your products.

5 Products We Recommend To Sell for Halloween

Face Gaiter

MiA print on demand face gaiter


This custom face gaiter is one of the best products to sell during Halloween. The face cover is jersey, a soft, loosely spun fabric that can stretch in one direction across the crosswise grain. It is also a print-on-demand face gaiter meaning that these gaiters can only produce when ordered.

Shower Curtain

MiA print on demand shower curtain


This quality print-on-demand product is cut to an industry-standard size and features twelve button holes for inserting shower hooks. This all-over print shower curtain is the perfect way to convert bathroom from top to bottom!.

Bella Canvas T-Shirt

MiA print on demand tshirt


This unisex essential custom t-shirt fits like a well-loved favorite, featuring a crew neck and short sleeves, and is designed with superior combed and ring-spun cotton that acts as the best blank canvas for printing.


MiA print on demand face mask


As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing pandemic, face masks have become an essential item for everyone. Now your customers can now get a custom facemask that is both comfortable and stylish.

These masks are made of two layers of protective fabric with black stretch ear straps for a comfortable fit. The best part about these masks is that they are reusable and can be machine washed.

Mink Blanket

MiA print on demand mink blanket


These custom blankets are super soft to the touch, with a metallic sheen that is sure to please. Perfect for snuggling on the couch or keeping warm at outdoor events, these blankets feature hemmed edges and are printed on one face.

How to Start Selling

This is where M.i.A comes in! With no upfront or monthly fees, volume commitment, and risk, you can create and sell your brand, band, show, or store merch easily with the help of our dedicated account managers and free enterprise design support.

Plus, with our high-quality products available globally and our live tech support, you can be sure that your customers will be happy with their purchase. Ready to get started? Follow this link to download our Shopify app and start selling with M.i.A!


Halloween is a great time to make extra money by selling spooky, creative, and fun products. Offering custom Halloween products can attract customers looking for unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Print-on-demand items are a great option because you only pay for what you sell, meaning there’s no inventory left after the holiday is over!

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