11 mistakes print-on-demand beginners make

11 mistakes print-on-demand beginners make


If you are going to start your print-on-demand store, you must know some strategies to market your business. From design strategies to understanding customer behaviours, store owners should be very clear about their actions. There are 11 common mistakes that every new Shopify owner makes as a beginner. So here, you will know about 11 common mistakes print-on-demand beginners make, and you can make improvements if you are one of them. You should not do these mistakes when designing your store.

Awkward Image size

The primary image is your product's first impression of your product, so it is best to keep all the primary images with the same aspect ratio. It is a common mistake beginners make by putting images of different sizes, resulting in poor alignment of image and title. It looks unprofessional and distracting.

Keeping all the images at the same aspect ratio means all of them should be horizontal, vertical, or square with the same width to height ratio.

Busy Navigation

Some beginners have a busy navigation menu with 10 items on them, and they include everything such as shipping policy pages, about us, shopping each collection, and many others. There is a big NO for busy navigation, and there should be maximum 7 items in the navigation. The goal of primary navigation is to get your customers to shop, and that is all.  With busy navigation, people will become more confused about what to shop and where. 

Huge Header

There are many Shopify stores where the owners put a huge header covering more than half of the height of the page. This is not an effective design because they should instantly know what you do or sell when people come to your store. If your blank header takes almost half of the page space, it will not make a good impression on customers. Try to avoid putting huger headers on your Shopify stores.

Keeping the theme's default

Another common mistake beginners make to keep the default theme. I mean, I can easily identify the Debut or Brooklyn themes. These are good themes, but the problem is not modifying the theme. The beginners do not try to and put effort into customizing the theme. It gives the same look as many other stores have and fails to leave a lasting impression on customers' minds. Try to customize your theme with your brand colour, fonts, and imagery style.

Going overboard with colours

Just because you have many options does not mean you should explore and incorporate them. Many stores have bright background colours such as green or yellow because they match their logo. It looks like an old version of the 1990s, and it will distract the customers from your product images and text.

Social sharing card

When someone shares a website on Facebook, a social sharing card displays an image, text, and title. Many social sharing cards show awkward, incomplete images or text or a cut-off logo. It does not have a good impression and does not convince the customers. To avoid this, you should choose a horizontal image and update the store's metadata to show a clear title and description.

General stores

General stores commonly sell an assortment of products that may prove convenient and cheap for shoppers to buy. An example of a general store can be a dropshipping store where you can find different products. To make yourself a brand, you should choose a product category to gain the trust of your customers. In this way, you can provide quality products and understand your target audience.

Focus on home page design

Many Shopify owners stick and sell in one category, but their homepage designs confuse people about what they are actually selling. You may get a lot of visitors to visit your store, but they will leave quickly because they are confused about what you are selling. So better to focus on design and invest in lifestyle imagery of your product on your homepage.

No lifestyle or modeled pictures

Many websites sell products without images of people modelling their products or lifestyle images. A customer will not buy a product like a shirt if they do not have a model picture to see how it fits. An e-commerce business does not mean only selling the products, but you must invest time, effort, and money to convince your customers to buy the products.

There is no trust

Customers' trust is the primary thing that makes your business successful. If you expect to increase your sales and want your customers to come back, you must build trust. People will not buy anything if your behaviour is unprofessional.

"Powered by Shopify"

All the themes come with a written "Powered by Shopify" sentence in the footer section. It gives an unprofessional look to some customers. However, it is not a big deal because Shopify is a trusted website. But if you want, you may remove it to make your branding successful.

I hope this article will help you improve your store appearance and result in better sales and revenue.

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