Unisex Snow Boots (US)

Unisex Single Button Snow Boots (Model 051) A button closure makes this plush boot even more versatile—fasten for extra warmth, or fold down for a full, fluffy collar. With its durable outsole and stylish look, this button boots is suitable for many occasions and can perfectly match some clothing, like a silky dress or overalls and a tee. • 26.10 Oz. Designed for fashion women, stylish and personalized. • Made from high elastic spandex upper for superior softness. • Round toe, stitching details, custom fabric binding. • Single button closure for easy slip on and off. • MD + rubber foam sole with deep tread. • Soft synthetic plush lining and 5 mm high-elastic EVA + mesh fabric insole. • Hand wash only. The print on shoes is unable to fade.

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